The Underground Conservatory

Thanks for dropping in. One of my greatest joys is working with piano teachers (just like you!) to encourage them in whatever their "next step" might be. This is a confidential service in that I never reveal who my students are. Maybe that's not great for advertising but I feel strongly that you should be allowed your privacy. Below are some ideas on how you might work with me. All you need is to contact me, oh, and a decent internet speed. The first ten minutes are free, then you're on the clock.

take a few lessons

Flexibility is a key ingredient in my studio. You can stop by for a lesson or two, or set up a regular time. Sick or have an unexpected event come up? Cancel at the last minute. If we finish our teaching, we can cut a lesson short (and you pay only for the short lesson.)

what you can expect from me

First, you can expect my attention and a full dose of kindness. I don't shy away from telling you the truth, but my style is gentle without shaming or belittling. If you are taking lessons, I will annotate a copy of your score during your lesson time. You will receive a PDF copy immediately following your lesson.

pay as you go

Payment is online and easy. You can pay a lesson at a time or buy 10 lessons at a discount.

option 1 - online lessons with a twist

Most of my students meet me online via Zoom. However, I use ECamm Live, which eliminates you just staring at my face for the hour! The picture on the left shows a typical scene that you would see on zoom and the video thumbnail below shows another.

option 2 - video lessons

This has become a popular option! Just upload a video of yourself (or your student/s) playing to any popular site like YouTube and Vimeo. Within a day or two, I will create a video in response and upload it to YouTube as an unpublished video and send you the link. These also include an annotated score sent to you via email. Check out the video below to see what this will look like for you and your students.

how it works

option 3 - mtna certification

About half of the teachers who work with me are in the process of getting their MTNA Certification. In the past, I've reviewed written materials and offered suggestions and had a look at teaching and performing videos. Other times, I'm just the "bad guy" who keeps teachers on track for completing the multiple projects on time. Remember, you only have a year to complete all the sections! Most of the time, I serve as a cheerleader and encourager, letting teachers know they have every right to feel competent and proud of their achievements. Even though each state has a certification chair who will help you in this process, many choose me because of the confidential nature of the service.

options 4 through 999 -- let your imagination direct you

We can meet to discuss technology, how to do presentations for conferences, ideas around interpretation, or any number of things. I will always be honest with you and let you know if better teachers or sources are available.