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I like to talk

I've given close to a hundred talks and presentations to piano teacher groups throughout the United States. Additionally, I can pop in on university classes and music teachers groups online. Dates are starting to filling up for 2022 and 2023, so please let me know soon if you're interested in booking me.

informative and thought-provoking

I enjoy bringing to my talks a global approach to interpretation, a thoughtful way to incorporate using technology in the studio, and practical solutions for small hands. All of this with a splash of humor and a genuine passion for reaching independent music teachers and university students.

sample topics

  • The Artist Prepares: musical interpretation (re)imagined (for musicians and non-musicians)
  • The Secret Life of Phrases
  • Practical Interpretation: what your teacher never taught you
  • What Lies Beneath: what about that bass?
  • The Truth about Small Hands
  • Technology in the studio: the good, the bad, and the ethical
  • The Balancing Act: first steps in becoming an excellent collaborator
  • Special topic requests considered

Online video presentation sample

Live presentation sample

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